Mon, 29 Dec 2003

rml: you sexy, sexy man.
jdub: headspace clearance is good.
jfleck: I guess I want to actively choose balance, instead of having it forced on me by burnout… that’s my fear.

Anyway, back from vacation. Aside from losing the laptop and fighting a cold the whole time, it was really good. Reading outside in the sunshine while laying on a hammock is good for the soul, as is driving a convertible very fast, which I did a lot of. Not enough, really- I need to go back soon. I’ll post some pictures of gators and the everglades whenever I can collaborate with someone with a working laptop.

The new office is pretty cool- the open spaces I loved in the old offices are even more open now, and we’re on the sunny side of the office, which is going to help my mood immeasurably in winters to come. I’d post some pictures, except I left my camera on all day yesterday, apparently with some buttons depressed, and didn’t discover that until I got to the office. Oh well- jtomorrow, tomorrow…j

Fun moving moment: guy comes around, says ‘is this your desk? I need to unplug your ethernet.’ ‘This is CAT 6, so you can get gigabit to the rest of the office.’