Mon, 22 Dec 2003

I really love this time of year- I had a great time in NYC this weekend seeing old friends and doing more of the virtual-names-to-real-faces thing, and it’ll be very good to be back in sunny Miami this weekend. But I fear I’m reaching the point that lots of other monkeys have reached at some point or another- I’m looking forward to vacation too much. :/ We all started in this company because we absolutely loved every minute of what we did. And so we did a lot of it. We didn’t even take much vacation, because why take vacation when work is the most fun thing in the world? But… ATM I’m practically running away from work. That’s a real shame. :/ It’s nothing intrinsically wrong with Ximian or Novell- both companies are pretty much committed to doing the right things, both for their products and for their employees. But I’m spending way too much time in meetings[1] and too little time doing the bits that I actually love and got into this business for. :/ So I really need time away, and that sucks- I love free software, and I love GNOME, and they each should help destress me. But I just can’t focus on them right now because work just has me so stressed/overloaded. Shame. Hopefully when I get back from break I’ll be refreshed.

[1] some are fun, and some are productive- not slamming them all.