Wed, 17 Dec 2003

It’s pretty exciting to open up planetgnome in the morning see a bunch of new faces.

Sri: thanks so much for re-starting the summaries. They are a really necessary thing for those among us who don’t open up planetgnome as their first link in the morning or spend all day in #gnome.

Robert: again, in a slightly more public forum, welcome on board. Good to see you on planetgnome, and great to have you on our team.

Thomas: Ximian and Novell definitely understand that multimedia is a huge part of what we need to offer in the desktop. You’ll note that the full gstreamer-based media stack is in xd-unstable. :) Our problem is that we can’t just say ‘here is totem’ and expect our customers to be happy- the media players we distribute must be able to offer codecs like DVDs or mp3 which are encumbered. Which is a headache, and has prevented us from being more aggressive. Hope that clarifies.