Fri, 14 Nov 2003

Spent last night answering board questions.Telsa picked some really good, hard questions. The toughest ones to answer, of course, were the ones that we knew were problems last year and have failed to resolve, like the one about transparency. Overall, I do think the board had a good year, but it took a lot of work to get there, probably more than it should have, and we did drop the ball on stuff like transparency, ad board relationships, and to a lesser degree marketing.

Otherwise, spent the day poking at nautilus and gnome-vfs bugs for the first time in a while- felt good, despite the constant interruptions. Sort of surprised to see things in a reasonably sane state- nautilus bug work can be draining, but the bugsquad folks who look after nautilus have given it quite a bit of care. Kudos. :)