This page used to be a very useful resource for Lego robotics, but most of the files that used to be hosted on this page have moved elsewhere. I keep it here for historical reference, mainly.


I was the co-maintainer of legOS, an alternative Operating System for the Lego Mindstorms robotics system. LegOS is now known as BrickOS and available from


I am the author of a number of useful Mindstorms related pieces:


This page was once upon a time the central repository for many legOS files. They are no longer here. Instead, you can probably find them (in much better organized form) at


CPS 196, Programming Under Uncertainty, with Prof. Michael Littman, used the Mindstorms and some of the work I did as part of the class syllabus.


I was once a proud member of LUGNET, and still think it is a great example of a groun-up, member-driven organization. You can find my member page here.