I’m a regular public speaker on free software, licensing, and software development.

Don’t Try This at Home: Very Open Platforms (2015)


The Bavarian Beer Purity Law, HTML, Wikipedia templates, and what they have in common.

Trademarks for Open Collaboration (2014)

Media coverage

A talk on how trademarks interact with open source. Similar versions have been given repeatedly as a CLE.

Open Data: the Next Frontier for Open Law (2014)

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A talk on how open data is the next area of challenge for open law, at the Linux Foundation’s Open Compliance Summit Japan.

Wikimania 2014

I gave three talks at Wikimania 2014.

Open Source 201 (2013)


A brief introduction to more advanced Open Source licensing topics, given to a symposium on open source for governments.

Wikimania 2013


On the state of the art in, and tensions between, open source licenses and open data.

From here to there: observations from mass-market Free Software (2010)


A talk on usability, access, and internet services, given at Libre Planet 2010.

Duke, Open Source, and Free Software (2009)


A talk given for Prof. Owen Astrachan’s ‘Technical and Social Foundations of the Internet’ class; originally planned to be a talk about open source, in response to student questions much of the talk covered my Duke experience, my blogging experience, and other non-open-source topics.

GNOME in 2010, aka GNOME is people (2006)


Given as the closing for GUADEC Vilanova 2006, in which I discussed the people behind the future of GNOME, and stress that everyone and anyone can be the future of GNOME, not just the rockstars.

An Intro To StopBadware.org (2006)


A talk given at Asilomar in Spring 2006, giving an introduction to StopBadware.org, with a particular focus on internet governance issues.

Why Everyone Needs A Bugmaster (2005)

ooo 2.0 odp | paper html

This talk and paper were given at LCA 2005 and focused on why organizations should want a bugmaster, and what a bugmaster looks like anyway – both in terms of their activities and their skills and temperament.

How GNOME Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Bug (2003)

ooo sxi | paper, PDF

This talk and paper were given at OLS 2003 and focused on a high-level overview of GNOME QA processes (including Bugzilla) and how they might be useful to other large projects, like the Linux kernel. Should be useful to anyone trying to get their project interested in Bugzilla.

Innovation in legOS and GNOME (2003)

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A talk given to Eric Von Hippel’s classes at MIT’s Sloan School of Business. The focus is on what conditions cause communities to form and thrive, and how businesses can work with such communities. Hopefully interesting to anyone curious about the interaction between Free Software and Big Business.

GNOME Organization (2003)

ooo sxi | ogg audio

My GUADEC 2003 talk on the structure and organization of GNOME, focusing on the developer-centric model we have. Probably not of interest to anyone outside of GNOME, but hopefully quite useful to GNOME people interested in GNOME’s structure as it was a decade ago.

Bugzilla Sanity (2002)

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This talk was given at GUADEC 2002 as a general introduction to best bugzilla practices. It contains a number of GNOME-specific comments, as well as in-jokes, but it should be quite useful for people looking for a start on best practices for developers and bug filers who use Bugzilla.